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Back from Stockholm

What a crazy weekend this was! It started out with the preparations for the Tripstream XXL session and the interview for TV Rijnmond which were to be held at the store on friday. After two full days of scrubbing and re-decorating we managed to make the store ready for the big day. The interview went well and both Khalil and myself are looking forward to see the result next week. The series is called ‘Het Geheim van de West Kruiskade’ and will be broadcasted in rotation all week starting tuesday june 5th. When the online video is available i will also post it on my blog.







TV crew setting up their gear at the store







Koko on the wheels at the toffler club

Next up was the Soda party at Toffler. My set went really well and it was fun to finally play at the Toffler, which used to be the old Catwalk club, a venue where I used to play almost every month. The Barnhus guys rocked the room and played some really nice jackin’ garage house. Unfortunately I didn’t have any photo or video from the party to post here, but the vibe was great. After the Soda party at Toffler we went to my place to chill out for a bit and then the Studio Barnhus crew went back to Schiphol to catch their flight. Khalil and I went straight to the Vlaardingen Festival to play the opening set on the Sonar stage, but unfortunately the huge tent was still empty when we arrived. After spinning some records we left to pack the last stuff at home and then headed over to the airport.









When we arrived at Arlanda, we got a cab to the Dans Dakar festival to hook up again with the Studio Barnhus crew. Jesper Dahlback (photo above) was playing a (have to say a bit disappointing) blend of tech house. After some hours we decided to take the tube and head over to the Marie Leveau club to join Kornel Kovacs.









Samm, Khalil and Axel in the subway

Next up was the incredible outdoor party Kuknastornet pt 2, hosted by Johan Brolund. I heard some stories about the prior edition of this illegal party but didn’t expect it to be this large. Somewhere around 1000 party people gathered in the forest near Stockholms television tower, and because of the closeness to the North Pole the sun hardly sets at night. This resulted in a brilliant shimmering atmosphere in the forest. An absolute killer party and much respect to Johan for setting it all up (especially the HUGE soundsystem).







Tin Man from Vienna did a excellent 808 303 acid work out and got the crowd pumpin. When Kornel and Axel where finished, Khalil and I took over the booth for the final two hours of the party and brought the crowd some funk electric ‘Rotterdam style’ with our last burst of energy.

Sammy surrendered to mother nature and made a faceplant behind the dj booth








When the cops came out and ordered the party to stop we headed over to a green patch of grass nearby and slept in the sun for some hours. Later on we made way to Petters crib and slept for another 10 hours. The next day, feeling fresh again, it was time to have breakfast at Dandy Digitals favourite Chinese restaurant Xi’an Koket. Stocking up on some vitamins we quickly recovered  and headed over to the center to do some recordshopping.

















After some extensive digging, the owner closed down the shop and let us attack the huge stash hidden in the back of the store. I found some really nice stuff in the dusty crates, like the 2005 Omar S album on FXHE, Shaun Escoffery – Days Like This (Spen and Karizma remix) and Oth – Ufo Bible on High Feelings. All and all took home about 40 records, so it was a nice score for one afternoon of digging.











So much more fun then Beatport

Later that night we played at the Morfar Ginko bar, had some more drinks and a table tennis session. Afterwards we headed over to Casa Axel Boman to get some more sleep. The next morning he treated us to an all american pancake breakfast on his roof terrace.







Khalil and Axel ‘Pancake meister’ Boman








Heading back from Gröndal to the Barnhus Studio










Harrr Harrrr









All ‘n all a superb weekend with Khalil, Sammy and our Swedish homeboys! I really love the city of Stockholm and hope to be back soon.

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