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Mix from the vault: JWT#009 (2005)

Before the Triphouse Rotterdam crew was officially born, we were already long time friends and actively involved in the local house party scene as dj’s and organisers of small events. One of those events was a monthly night called ‘Je weet toch!’ at Cafe de Punt, a bar located in the center of Rotterdam, not so far from the well known Bootleg DJ Cafe. Although it was a small venue and we were just making a name for ourselves on the local dj circuit, the party was more then often jam packed. We were playing a Cologne/Kompakt inspired mix of glitchy minimalistic deephouse tunes. This was just before the minimal wave hit the Netherlands.

This DJ mix from 2005 was rediscovered while sifting through a pile of old cd’s. It was originally burned on 50 cd’s and passed out to visitors of the ‘Je weet toch!’ parties. It is number 9 in a series of mixes and I’m going to attempt to locate the other mixes from the same series. Although the seven following years have gone past in the blink of an eye, listening to this mix and watching pics from those days give me a feeling of nostalgia. Good memories.. Enjoy listening!

Check out some pics that where made at ‘Je weet toch!’.. Classic stuff..

McGregor holdin’ down the mic.. Check out Jason Shae on the right

A younger version of me.. 21 at that time.. time flies

This was the place to be.. Cafe De Punt

Khalil on the wheels.. 20 years old at that time

DJ Cupatec from Cupari Records

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